Stars Over Lightning

You are my night sky

The view I long for most
I close my eyes
And it’s you I picture
Stars sparkling
Of an Angel toast

I long to gaze out at you
But I only see you
When I’m driving.
To look at you
For long
Would force me to stop
Or into dying

You are so underrated
As the deepest blue
You glitter and you wonder
But only for those
Who seek your stealth

He used to call me a star
And yet,
He never witnessed me shine
But I take one look at you
And in your eyes
You’re holding mine.

Not only do you see me
You join me in the heavens
Clouds are for idle gazing
But stars like ours
Are love’s expression

So perhaps one day I’ll meet you there
Up high, where our minds meet
Until then I’ll be on level ground
Imagining what it would feel
To be complete.

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