The strangest thing that be,
Is though we hide from you at home
You might be right here with us
Sitting patiently, far from alone.

You could’ve have been listening in…
When we first heard of you on the news
After I had a California weekend
And first laid my eyes on you.

You could be in my bed
Sleeping by my side at night
Greeting me in the morning
Masked by the sun shining bright.

You may have come along to the store
Snickering at the way I move
Dodging the other shoppers
As if they were the ones who brought you.

Perhaps you watched me with annoyance
As I washed my hands drier by the day
As if you wanted my hands softer
For when you hold them throughout May.

What I just can’t comprehend,
Is why you would show up that way
Coming into a loving home
Only to resist my family’s embrace

Oh you, you are so strange.
And you have me petrified
Not that you might soon come
But that you’ve already arrived.

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