What does a villain do when they find out who they are?

Taking a look in the mirror, do they see it as a scar?
Do they adore that scorned flaw, do they find themselves unique?
Do they linger in the glass–do they like what they see?

And if I am a villain…which villain should I be?
Should I laugh throughout the night
Knowing the terror my joy will bring?

What cost is worthy…for the good people to share?
With a mane as large as mine, what more is green hair?
And if I were a joker, what when the people are still?
Holding their applause, waiting for another thrill…

I hope I’d command my will.

But as I am the joker, I find I smile less
The people don’t accept me
Even as I give my best
What would a rose cost to spare
If I stand and take the light
I’m losing my will to battle
I’m entering the night
So if I take a ride
Let me go on an expedition
I pray I meet the moon
On this night I’ve never been in

It’s darker than before
I’m nervous to admit
But if I believe one thing
It’s the truth of a misfit

A person on the outskirts
Someone who looks close but is very far
That person is beyond us
That person is a star.

So if I don’t seem like you
Know that’s how I meant to be
The thing that makes me an outcast
Is the thing that sets me free

So I know why the joker smiles
I know why those locked up birds sing
It’s because they know their purpose
Even as they betray the thing.

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