Black Hole

I cried knowing you found it lost on me
The duties of everyday
I thought my utility was shot
My spark beginning to fray

What if I’ve connected outer space
With the words of Langston Hughes
What I represented my race
The people of every hue

What if you saw me not only as human
What if you saw me as a star
I know you think I’m close
But I’m starting to feel far

But what if I wasn’t a mass waste
What if I found I had a soul
What if you found yourself believing
In a black hole.

What if my want for you to
Love me
Is so that I could transcend time
So though my body may perish here
my existence might never die

Transcend gravity, transcend our physics
What if I wanted to be more
It all depends on you
Are you willing to explore?

What if gravity leveled the anomaly
What if expeditions were everyday?
In a time where contact on Earth
Is the hardest to recreate

I want to be where people feel alive
Not where they go to die
I only eat you in my nightmares
If you would hold me I could try

But it is I that will hold you.
A pearl placed softly in my belly
You might find it terrifying
But it is you I am protecting

So do not fight what is in me
Walk away from what’s in you
The part of you that fears me
Is the part that fears the truth

If you thought you could see me
What is here on the inside
You might realize you’d been blind–
It would alter the course of your life.

So I understand why you’d be afraid.
But frankly, I’m counting on you.
For counting me once let you sleep
And I have dreams of my own too.

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